3 Best New Android Word Games of 2020

  • 2020
  • Brainito - Words vs Numbers

    Brainito is a word and number based game. The development is designed to help you boost your brain activity and to test it. You will have to form words, to solve various mathematical calculations and so much more. Test your family and friends to see their potential!

  • Scrabble® GO - New Word Game

    Classic Scrabble game that has been with us since birth. In the game, you can use the official dictionary and the official board to form as many words as possible. Share the winnings with your friends on social media and try to improve your skills.

  • 2019
  • Bananagrams: The Official Game

    Bananagrams has been adapted in board-game form from Asmodee Digital. One has to compete with the opponents by words’ succession using shared set of letters.