5 Best New Android War Games of 2021

War games are suitable for those who love modern battles with soldiers, guns, and tanks, or medieval battles with knights, sword, and bow.

  • 2020
  • War Alliance – Real-Time Multiplayer War

    Gather your troops early on the battleground and let the opposing army find you ready. Use your heroes to employ sound tactics, smart planning, and quick moves to deliver a decisive blow on the opponent. War Alliance allows the gamer to deploy cards from their battle deck to improve their chances of winning.

  • TERA: Endless War

    With over 2 million downloads, TERA gives the user hours-long entertainment without feeling bored with it. Just to show you how this game has swept through the gaming world, it moved from 2.6 stars to 4.6 stars in just 12 hours. Having a bad day or lacking something to

  • Teamfight Tactics

    Teamfight Tactics is an auto chess title starring everyone's favorite League of Legends characters. You’ll draft, deploy, and upgrade from a revolving roster of League of Legends champions in a round-based battle for survival. Devastate with demons, bash with berserkers, or hold the line with wardens.

  • World War Doh: Real Time PvP

    World War Doh: Real Time PvP is a real-time strategy game in which you can control your soldiers and destroy your enemies in real-time. Gamers can collect the cards, which will provide them new and better capabilities and make their team stronger.

  • 2019
  • King Tactics – Wars of the Roses

    King Tactics – Wars of the Roses is a strategy game that is based on the war between two families in the United Kingdom. The game itself is a board game with strategy elements. Players can play versus each other, versus AI in 3 different levels or online versus other players. The goal is to place your troops carefully and win as many linked fields as possible.