10 Best New Android Visual Novel Games of 2021

Visual novel is an interesting genre, in which players watch the game like a movie and make decisions in between.

  • 2019
  • Ace Attorney

    Ace Attorney follows Phoenix Wright's story – a successful lawyer who has no issues solving the world's hardest cases. The story involves lots of clues, hidden objects and point click adventures. Your role is to solve cases based on the clues you discover.

  • If My Heart Had Wings

    If My Heart Had Wings is a classic novel game with plenty of stories to go through. You can also leave comments for other users as they reach the same situations. Set in Kazegaura, a suburb in Japan, just outside of Tokyo, the game is an animated visual novel bringing forth a passionate, youthful and dream filled high school life story.

  • Telltale Games

    You have eight different games in this collection and while the developer is out of business, the games represent the ultimate visual novel solutions – make decisions, use point click mechanics and advance.

  • Oxenfree

    Oxenfree will make your heart jump a few times. The thriller with horror accents brings in lots of puzzles, adventures, point click mechanics and exploration. The story follows a few kids who decide to summon a ghost – things obviously go in the wrong direction.

  • Mysterious Forum And 7 Rumors

    Going through Mysterious Forum And 7 Rumors will take you between two and three hours. The horror experience will seriously hook you in – you end up in a forum run by some kids who tell stories that will actually happen.

  • Florence

    Florence follows the blooming relationship of Florence, as she gets with a Krish. You can push the relationship in any direction, enjoy a few puzzles and lots of point click adventures.

  • OPUS

    OPUS is mostly about space exploration in a visual novel style. It is filled with adventure and comes with three different titles – all games have independent stories, so take them in any order.

  • Life Is Strange

    Life Is Strange puts you in Max Caulfield\'s shoes. The girl has the power to rewind time in small bits, meaning you can make better decisions. Obviously, the game can get quite difficult – there are two different games from the same developer.

  • Gris

    Gris is an introverted girl whose emotions you have to control while navigating through real life. The game brings in lots of puzzles, as well as a plethora of visual novel aspects – not too much text, but mostly visual.

  • To The Moon

    To The Moon is one of the few visual novel games for Android that will get you emotionally hooked in. There is plenty of adventure in it, but you will also have a few RPG moments. The story follows two doctors who can give people the memories they want (even if unreal), but they can only do it on their deathbeds.