What is TWRP?

TWRP stands for “Team Win Recovery Project.”, a touch-based custom recovery software. It is often cited as the most common Android custom recover available. TWRP offers greater flexibility than the default Recovery and includes features such as full touch support, text viewer, file manager etc…

The TWRP project was started by developers recognized from other projects (most notably TeamWin) and grew into an organization with several members of its own.

The goal of this initiative is to provide continuing development on top of what has already been done in order to make it more accessible to everyone’s needs while using open source principles like transparency and cooperation that benefit not only the end user but also those who contribute back code or work towards the goals.

Do I need to root to install TWRP?

No. You do not need to root your Android device in order to install TWRP.

You can download the latest version of TWRP recovery for your device and sideload it onto your phone without needing a custom recovery installed, or you may use fastboot commands from an adb shell (if available). If this is too difficult then there are also many free applications available on the Google Play Store that will allow you to flash images via USB cable by simply entering some simple commands into a terminal app such as Terminal IDE. One of these apps is called Flashify which should work with all devices running Android KitKat or higher releases.. However, one less common way people have been installing TWRP lately has been through their PC’s ADB.

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