13 Best New Android Turn-Based Strategy Games of 2021

This genre isn’t popular on console or PC anymore. But it is blooming on mobile.

Best Turn-Based Strategy Games in 2021

In the ultimate conflict between good and evil, Actraiser combines 2D platforming action (Realm Acts) with a realm management & simulation. The legendary Yuzo Koshiro, who composed the soundtrack that sent shockwaves through the gaming world when it was first produced, has remastered it! In the newest version of the...

Best Turn-Based Strategy Games in 2020

Raven's Path is a tactical action RPG featuring hand-drawn pixel art. In this game, your heroes auto-advance up a path to fight against endless enemies. You can control your units around during battle to make the advance more strategic.
If you love the original games on console, Langrisser SEA is a must play on Android for you. The game comes with an all-new story in an expanded fantasy world and in the same real-time tactical battles, now you can play with other players from around the world. You will...
Teamfight Tactics is an auto chess title starring everyone's favorite League of Legends characters. You’ll draft, deploy, and upgrade from a revolving roster of League of Legends champions in a round-based battle for survival. Devastate with demons, bash with berserkers, or hold the line with wardens.
Fight deadly diseases and work with the biggest and the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Your mission is to recruit other operators and guide them towards the protection of the innocent and finding the cure. Both graphics and sound effects are superb.

Best Turn-Based Strategy Games in 2019

King Tactics – Wars of the Roses is a strategy game that is based on the war between two families in the United Kingdom. The game itself is a board game with strategy elements. Players can play versus each other, versus AI in 3 different levels or online versus other...
Arena Allstars is a turn-based strategy game. You will compete against up to 7 enemies in real time choosing from a unique cast of champions differentiated by abilities, race, and class. The game combine auto battler features with mobile gaming experience. A match is short and full of fast-paced action.
The game features a space lizard who will try to complete 20 levels. The game is turn-based, has stealth mode and two different skill paths. It is extremely addictive and fun to play, although some levels are more than just complicated. The game reminds us of retro computer games.
Rogue Adventure is a fusion of turn-based deck-builder card gaming, roguelike and rpg. Graphics used in this game are old-style. This game offers various unique paths and levels. You have to build a perfect deck and unlock different classes.
It is a turn-based RPG game, where one requires making strategies. A party of heroes will be given a command in this quest and you will have to finally defeat the ones scoring. It is a game made for a single player.
Nomads of the Fallen Star is a sandbox type of the game that comes with impressive graphics and appealing gameplay. You will appreciate the fact it is different than any other game that looks similar. This is a real RPG game that will test your skills to the limits.
Medieval Dynasty takes the fact that ruling a medieval kingdom can be tough to a new level by increasing the complexity of its choice-based strategic gameplay. Your mission is to satisfy the demands of your subjects to keep the peace in the kingdom, collect resources to build swords and armors...
Legends of Andor is a board game adapted from its physical version. You can choose to play as a warrior, sorceress, dwarf or archer, and defend the king’s castle. The game offers an easy introduction with simple rules and an extensive tutorial for new player.