5 Best New Android Survival Games of 2022

Do you enjoy the feeling of being lost in a survival game? Do you want to get your heart racing and have fun at the same time? If so, then these are some of the best new Android games that will keep you entertained for hours. Survival games are a genre of video games where the player must survive in their environment. It is up to you if you want to explore or fight for your life. There have been many survival game releases this year and we will be covering some of our favorites below.

There are a number of new Android games that have hit the market and they’re all worth checking out. One great title is “The Walking Dead: Our World.” It’s an augmented reality game where players search for supplies, complete missions, and fight off zombies to stay alive. Which Android survival games will you pick up?

Best Survival Games in 2021

Survival: Day Zero is a game about the end of the world. People try to survive and they have to go on missions. The game begins when people are hiding after a nuclear apocalypse and an attack from mutants. Now it's time for them to do things, not just hide...

Best Survival Games in 2020

Forager is a 2D game with open world map inspired by other farming, exploration and crafting games. Forager allows you to forage and gain rewards for it. The classic 2D game allows exploring, farming and crafting things. Gather resources, use them in a clever way, craft resources, build a base...
Dead by Daylight is a 4 vs 1 multiplayer game with horror theme. In one Killing Ground, 5 players can play at a time. Thus, there may be unpredictable scares at every moment. You may use cosmetics to customize characters with outfits, clothing, and accessories.

Best Survival Games in 2019

Slaughter 3 is a mobile shooter game with console quality. You are left alone without any partners and communication. You need to escape a massive prison complex, where all the most dangerous criminals were sentenced for life to be kept locked away in forever
The game is settlement simulation. Each player will start by creating his own settlement and running it as long as needed. There are dangerous monsters and harsh weather which will force you to adjust the gameplay and to think outside the box. The landscape is appealing and hides countless secrets,...