5 Best New Android Space Shooter Games of 2021

There are many new titles inspired by the old-school genre for the truly hardcore gamers, and are suitable for mobile touch control.

Best Space Shooter Games in 2020

It is one of the Japanese style shooter games, where you need to remove bullets. For counterattack, you may slow down these bullets and capture them. The homing laser helps you in defeating enemies.
A standard game that is extremely appealing right now. In the game you will have to upgrade your spaceship, use drones when needed and more powerful weapons all in order to kill enemies but also avoid asteroids and similar threats.
Bullet Hell Monday Finale gives you fun, as you have a mission of killing enemies. There are options for leveling up the game and strengthening your craft. From the Chapter Mode, you will get a chance of choosing the difficulty level. You can launch bombs using swipe gestures.

Best Space Shooter Games in 2019

Here the player will control a spacecraft through space and defeat or try to defeat Hellraisers and 7 commanders. The game is simple in graphics but has plenty of various weapons. There are 20 weapons, 13 drones, 8 combos and 37 powerups.
As you may believe, this game is placed in the space and you can choose your type of missions. What this means is that you can be a pirate, miner, merchant and so much more. It is developed for Oreo Android version and it supports the latest smartphones.