4 Best Android Soccer Games in 2022

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and with good reason. It’s easy to learn but difficult to master. The game has a certain elegance about it that other sports can’t touch. There are many places where you can play soccer: on your own, with friends or family, or even online! In this blog post I’ll show you some of my favorite new Android games for soccer enthusiasts like me!

Soccer Manager 2022

As a Soccer Manager, you have complete control of your team. Every deal, strategy, and the football game is important. As a football manager, you’ll be immersed in the action both on and off the field, from planning training sessions to picking your starting eleven to outsmart the competition with winning tactics to creating a world-class stadium by controlling your club’s finances and identifying future superstars via an extensive scouting network and the dynamic transfer market.


  • Choose between over 900 different football clubs from across the world’s major 35 national teams.
  • Choose your favorite players, create your dream team, and take on the world with FIFPro!
  • The realistic and reactive 3D simulation will let you watch your plan unfold on the pitch.
  • From training ground instructions to live pitch-side instructions, you can organize your players at any level.
  • With detailed statistics, you can analyze the performance of your football team as a Soccer Manager.
  • World-class experts can be hired by the hour, month, or year. Or develop future superstars by providing expert training and guidance.
  • You may use the dynamic transfer market to assemble your finest starting 11.
  • Build football stadiums and club facilities to international standards in stunning 3D animations.
  • The board, players and even supporters will have an effect on your decisions as a football manager.
  • More prestigious career opportunities are available to you if you achieve success.

Soccer Manager 2021 – Football Management Game

Choose one of 300 clubs available in the game, from all over the world, and lead it. Try to be the best, the most expensive, and win most trophies. The first game of this type for 2021.

Soccer Manager 2021 is the latest in freemium football management games. Over 800 clubs from 33 countries are available to play as and test your management skills as you work towards building a dream team with a diverse range of nationalities, skill levels, ages, playing styles and challenges!

But be wary – it’s not just about scoring goals on the pitch, there’s so much more for you to take into account when managing your football club: develop talent to ensure they reach their full potential; rent or buy players who can make an immediate impact on performance; plan ahead by balancing UCL qualification with securing incoming income during summer transfers window.

The level of control in Soccer Manager 2021 brings football management to life! As the manager, you can select your top eleven and train players. You develop facilities that will help make your club more competitive. Assign squad numbers so each player has his own identity on game day, all while managing transfers for new talent as well as deciding team tactics throughout every match!

3D Football Manager Game is all about getting the perfect balance between nurturing your stars and building up facilities. It has a ton of stunning 3d animations, while you get to choose from over 800 football clubs that are spread across 33 countries! The game also rewards success with job offers, so it’s never too late for an aspiring boss out there!

Stickman Trick Soccer

The mission is just to kick the ball into the goal. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are different obstacles cover the goal so you have to find and play the best possible path to the goal.

Crazy Kick!

In Crazy Kick!, you have to get to goal and take control over the opponents by defeating them. This game offers a real football experience and the best point is that it is easy to play.

Take the ball yourself and make your way through an opponent to victory! Use easy controls that allow for enjoyable movement as you dribble, pass or shoot goals. A real football experience with accurate movements makes this game all too fun – it’s more than just about scoring points; if we can’t beat ’em then maybe YOU should take over?!