3 Best New Android Sci-fi Games of 2020

  • 2019
  • Super Mecha Champions

    Super Mecha Champions allows you to control a powerful Mecha, use advanced weapons and defeat all of the opponents. The game is located in a futuristic city, features flamethrowers, missiles, cannons, and powerful combos. Players have the ability to team up and win together. The goal of the game is to be the best and to get the crown you deserve.

  • Ailment

    Your team will be turned against you once you return to them. Now you should have your payback using unlimited weapons and movements. The Sci-fi genre simply makes the game even better.

  • Star Nomad Elite

    As you may believe, this game is placed in the space and you can choose your type of missions. What this means is that you can be a pirate, miner, merchant and so much more. It is developed for Oreo Android version and it supports the latest smartphones.

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