What is Samsung One UI?

Samsung has always been a pioneer in the smartphone industry. Recently, they revealed their newest software overlay called One UI (also written as OneUI). This software is designed to make Samsung’s Android devices running Android Pie and higher even more intuitive for users. It is meant to improve the user experience by simplifying navigation features and reducing clutter on screens with larger displays.

The goal of this new software was to provide strong differentiation from other competitors that are also releasing phones with similar features. If you’re interested in knowing more about how this new technology will work for your business or organization, then keep reading!


1. Swipe up to access your app drawer

The first thing you’ll notice about One UI is the new app drawer. You can swipe up from anywhere on your phone to access it, which will make getting around much easier than before.

One of the coolest things about this update is that any application you download in future will automatically be added to your homescreen as an icon so there won’t be any need for folders anymore! This feature makes organizing apps a breeze–unless you prefer having everything arranged neatly inside folders like we do at our office (AKA “the command center”). If this sounds like something you’d enjoy then let us know and we’ll gladly create one for you with all of your favorite applications.

2. Drag and drop apps from the app drawer to create folders.

In the past, you would have to visit your app drawer and click on an icon, then scroll through a list of apps before finding one that you wanted. One UI has eliminated this process by letting you drag and drop any application from the homescreen or app drawer into another folder—saving you time searching for where it might be located.

3. Customize your home screen with different themes and colors 

One UI is available in three different color schemes: default blue, red and green. You can also customize your home screen by selecting from five preset themes that have a variety of colors such as pink, black and purple or create your own theme with whatever colors you want!

4. Use Smart View to watch videos on a larger screen

Samsung’s Smart View feature allows you to watch videos on a larger screen with no interruptions with what you’re doing on your phone or tablet . This is perfect for having friends over and catching up together!

5. Make use of gestures, like swiping down for notifications, swiping left for quick settings, and more 

Samsung Galaxy S, Note and Tab devices running One UI come with a variety of new gesture controls. These gestures make navigation much more intuitive than it was before!

6. Find apps in a snap with search filters

The Search feature lets you find all your apps in one tap. You can search by category, name or icon color to quickly find what you need!

7. Get quick access to recent contacts

The new Lock Screen lets you instantly find the contact you want to reach by swiping upwards when unlocking your phone with Face ID or PIN/Pattern Unlock enabled.

8. Access all of your favorite apps

App Pairing is a new way to make your favorite apps easier to find! Just tap the round icon in the bottom right corner of your home screen and select a pair of apps that you want on one place. The next time, just touch either app icon to open both at once. You can also use App Pairing for different tasks: like messaging and music, and browsing the web with Chrome.

9. Add widgets to your lock screen

You can see apps on lock screen at a glance without unlocking your phone or tablet. Swipe down form any part of the lock screen to see your widgets. Just touch and hold one, then move it around to place on the lock screen- perfect for quick access!

The updated Lock Screen also includes a new widget that shows you what’s playing (and lets you control) music from Spotify or YouTube with just a few swipes.