8 Best New Android Roguelike Games of 2020

A roguelike is normally associated with procedurally generated maps, pema-death or heavy penalty on death.

  • 2020
  • Eternis Heroes – Pixel Roguelike RPG

    This game has a new world that is generated procedurally every time you play. Additionally, it is a turn-based RGP to give you the best gaming experience. Eternis Heroes is completely free. The game has thrilling encounters, loots, and monsters to keep you glued to your screen. Pick your unique hero with unique abilities and get started!

  • Bullet Knight: Dungeon Crawl Shooting Game

    Bullet Knight equips the gamer with an exclusive annihilator rifle to take out monsters as they come. But the deadline weapon is of little benefit without quick reflexes, and supporting weapons. A creative combination of skills and hero abilities are additional features that further enhance your experience with Dungeon Crawl Shooting Game.

  • Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D

    This action game brings in loads of disasters, challenging monsters and a hero who can sort everything out. The smash and hit shooter brings in a unique style of magic and sword attacks, outstanding 3D effects and an addictive gameplay. No matter how good you are, there is always a challenge waiting.

  • Robo Blaster: Guns! Shoot! Boom!

    Control your crazy robot, fight and shoot everything that moves. You get a bunch of fun weapons, as well as all kinds of enemies to fight. The game is basic, yet extremely sophisticated. You only need one finger to handle the controls.

  • Darkest Rogue

    The game is about finding a book, but getting there takes ages and tons of challenges. Controls are magnificent, while the worlds and adventures are heart racing and heavily unpredictable. Skills are unique and you have infinite combinations.

  • 2019
  • Black Paradox

    Here the player will control a spacecraft through space and defeat or try to defeat Hellraisers and 7 commanders. The game is simple in graphics but has plenty of various weapons. There are 20 weapons, 13 drones, 8 combos and 37 powerups.

  • Archero

    Archero is Archer Hero. You will play as an archer who can shoot arrows or throw anything from a boomerang to a scythe in beautiful worlds and hundreds of maps. Each play offers random and unique skills to help you crawl these dungeons.

  • Aldarix the Battlemage

    Aldarix the Battlemage is so addictive that 99% of gamers play it for 20 hours a day. The game requires careful positioning, planning, and navigation to defeat all kinds of enemies.