33 Best New Android Puzzle Games of 2021

Puzzle is fun and can be played during free times.

  • 2020
  • Doors: Origins

    Doors is designed to reflect the possible destruction of the planet shortly. The game’s theme has been reinforced by beautiful 3D graphics and engaging puzzles that will keep you in your seat for hours. Additionally, the game’s designers have incorporated absorbing custom soundtracks. It also has a try for free option.

  • The Numzle – a Number Puzzle

    You got 360 levels to pass in this mentally engaging game. The player must combine numbers that are equal or total ten and clear them to win the sheet. You don’t have to worry about starting all over again if you’re forced to abandon the game. You can always save a started game to continue later.

  • Funko Pop! Blitz

    Jurrasic Park, Shrek, Woody Woodpecker, The Office and so on – these are only some of the themes available in this puzzle game. Collect characters and discover characters that you love – fun animations, impressive superpowers, power ups and loads of special events to push your luck against others.

  • Rabbids Coding!

    This game brings in a basic action. A bunch of rabbids has invaded a spaceship – your primary role is to regain control and turn this mess into order. The app is quite educational too and it allows users to discover the basics of coding and programming.

  • Odie's Dimension II: Isometric puzzle android game

    The game is all about puzzles and having a great time solving them. There are many options, even more missions, and also a great dimension to explore. Yes, the game is located in a completely unique dimension. There are 5 chapters in the game and beautiful sounds are present in each one.

  • Hyperforma Premium

    An ancient civilization vanished from Earth and all they have left is the Ancient Network. Your mission begins 256 years after that and you can explore various locations, solve complicated puzzles and missions to crack the network. The game is ‘’located’’ in cyberspace. The idea comes from Peter Watts, William Gibson and Dan Simmons.

  • Brain Wash

    Search characters, solve puzzles and missions to complete the game. Players must solve countless logical puzzles in order to complete the game. Higher levels are very complex. The game has user interface inspired by cartoons and comic books.

  • Laserbreak 3 Pro – Physics Puzzle

    You do not have to be a physician to enjoy the game, but use common sense and situations you run into on a daily basis. There are magnets, slime, portals, wood, glass and lasers in these puzzles. You have 45 fun levels, bonus coins, lovely effects and a smooth gameplay. Play it offline with no ads or purchases.

  • Herelone: Mysterious Adventure Escape

    You get a massive open world, an appealing story and some puzzles like nothing else. Puzzles are unique and are required to unlock the whole world. You will have to become familiar with the mystery and keep discovering unexpected experiences.

  • Slide Drive

    Slide Drive put players in a small landscape, guiding cars to the flag. This is an excellent little puzzler. That sounds simple, but it actually requires you to control two cars at the same time and make sure they arrive at the finish line at the same time as well.

  • ALTER: Between Two Worlds

    Alter is a tile-based puzzle adventure game. You will play as Ana to explore a world featuring meticulously designed levels illustrated with beautiful hand-crafted art. You need to solve new and captivating puzzle mechanics to unlock the next level.

  • SudoBlocks

    SudoBlocks with Sudoku Mechanics can test your intelligence. The gaming interface includes a black and white design, similar to what we find in our paper journals. You can rotate and adjust the placement of tiles. This tile-matching game presents you with three modes- Standard, Timed, and Relaxing mode.

  • Brainito - Words vs Numbers

    Brainito is a word and number based game. The development is designed to help you boost your brain activity and to test it. You will have to form words, to solve various mathematical calculations and so much more. Test your family and friends to see their potential!


    This is a game that consists of mini-games. There are various characters from other franchises, and your mission is to play mini games and to defeat them. There are only two rules. If you lose, they will win and if you win, they will lose.

  • The House of Da Vinci 2

    The House of Da Vinci 2 is a sequel to the game with the same name. There are over 1 million players already and it is highly addictive. In the game, you will play as Leonardo Da Vinci apprentice, Giacomo and you will explore the house filled with puzzles, mechanical items and also find strange inventions.

  • Somnium

    The main character in the game is Jeremy. You will help him complete various puzzles and therefore complete missions that start relatively simple and easy but slowly increase complexity to the extreme difficulty. The game is ideal for those who want to test and enhance their brain skills.

  • 2019
  • Dream Detective

    The game offers a completely new and original artwork and graphics. The game itself is based on investigation and a player will have to solve all kinds of mysteries and to make sure there are no secrets left. You will play as a lead detective.

  • Zen Squares

    Only 5% of the players can master the game and complete all the levels. The game is based on the traditional Japanese puzzle game that comes from the Edo period. There are no time limits and no stress. There is no loser or winner, just a gamer.

  • Coloristic 2 - puzzle

    Coloristic 2 is a sequel to the popular game Coloristic from 2017. It still keeps the same colorful minimalistic game with enhanced puzzle. Coloristic 2 features clever puzzle mechanics with 120 handcrafted and challenging levels.

  • The Addams Family - Mystery Mansion

    The Addams Family - Mystery Mansion is one of the most expected games of 2019. Here a player will have to collect all the characters of the Adams family, decorate the house, enjoy jokes and also expand the mansion.

  • Grobo

    Grobo is a robot that wakes up in a modern city where everything is made from metal. He can shift gravity and walk or fly freely in the city. Your mission is to navigate the robot and so solve the puzzles in order to understand your main mission.

  • Takoway - A deceptively cute puzzler

    The game consists of complicated and various puzzles that in some cases have more steps. The main character is Tako and she will try to escape captivity with your help and find her place in the world. Other creatures and characters will help you with your escape.

  • Sugar Blast

    This game is about candy lover who dreams of the best sweet treats. You can help her to face and overcome the challenges. Sugar Blast is easy to play and one has to select similar candies together to clear those.

  • OXXO

    OXXO is the simplest and the most complicated game at the same time. It is a puzzle game that will require from you all sorts of moves and the ability to see the hidden details. As a result, you can enjoy the outstanding graphics and advance by solving the puzzles.         

  • Bumpin' Dungeon

    In this game, the pixel-based dungeon crawler has to bump everything on the map. The bump moves by swiping the screen while several obstacles and opponents come in the way. There are total 120 levels in this game. You will surely have a great time playing this game

  • Gravity Box - Minimalist Physics Game

    No matter this game is not that impressive in looks; yet it is a must-try for gamers. No music is there and each level is presented at the minimal possibility. But this physics-based gameplay turns out to be phenomenal. In the tiny corridors of the different levels of this game, one has to use surroundings to get success.

  • Layton: Diabolical Box in HD

    Layton is a remaster piece of Layton trilogy. It involves murder mystery, puzzles and challenges. Graphics in this game are upgraded ones.

  • Bring You Home

    Bring You Home has been released by Alike Studio, and offers an awesome platform for puzzle adventure to the players. Every level of this game provides a few slides that need to be placed together for creating a stage. The player has to select the correct tiles all the time.

  • The Eyes of Era

    Earlier this game was for PC and then iOS but recently, it has become available for Android as well. The game is puzzle-fill and comes with the perfection of graphics. Though there is no story but hundreds of puzzles available for getting solved make it challenging and interesting.

  • Angry Birds POP 2: Bubble Shooter

    There was a time when the original Angry Birds game was among the most played ones. This new game is its latest sequel. It involves a supply of bubbles, a movie and a never-ending merchandise. Fans of the original game are likely to check this latest version as well.

  • The Phantom Fable

    Start the game by assembling your own team.  Different characters have different abilities and powers. All of them are essential when you attack your enemies. The game also has a long list of puzzles that have to be completed.

  • Powernode

    Powernode is a puzzle game that will test your planning and organizing skills. The purpose of the game is to reach the highest score possible by  combining numbers to create energy sources and feed the network.

  • Linn: Path of Orchards

    Linn: Path of Orchards is a new puzzle game published by Crescent Moon. You will play as Aban, an exotic guardian of nature, on her journey through a lost sky temple. Your goal is to navigate your way to an exit at the end of each level by rotating building and objects to reveal secret path.