25 Best New Android Pixel Art Games of 2021

Best Pixel Art Games in 2021

You may not have heard about this game, but it is among the fastest-growing art and entertainment pieces. Alchemy Dungeon is a mix of puzzle and roguelike where the player is supposed to merge items and slay monsters. You unlock exciting features such as unique characters, powers, and levels, and upgrades...
Knightin+ is a classical game that draws inspiration from a 90s masterpiece. It requires you to explore your combat skills by fighting your way through dangerous dungeons. Overcome all traps, solve puzzles and collect as many magical artifacts as you can. The game is renowned for its excellent pixel art...
Dungeon Village 2 is a new RPG town simulation game made by Kairosoft, the developer behind many successful time management game. In Dungeon Village 2 you will build and manage a town in different terrains, including grasslands, snow fields, and even in the underworld. In the town, you will set...

Best Pixel Art Games in 2020

This game has a new world that is generated procedurally every time you play. Additionally, it is a turn-based RGP to give you the best gaming experience. Eternis Heroes is completely free. The game has thrilling encounters, loots, and monsters to keep you glued to your screen. Pick your unique...
This classic retro pixel game allows you to go through all kinds of lands and battles to capture monsters and bosses as you defend them. You have a unique system to boost your talent, as well as PvE, PvP and world boss raid game options.
bitDungeonIII is best for those who love playing adventure games with other players. You will play a role in saving the world. The gameplay includes randomly generated overworld and dungeons. Every weapon in this game has a different power, and you may change your weapons anytime.
Here, friends of Pico have been just kidnapped. Your task is to free all of them as quickly as possible. To complete the mission, you will have to shoot, use various weapons, and solve amazing puzzles all in the right moment. There are over 100 levels to complete.
This is a game that consists of mini-games. There are various characters from other franchises, and your mission is to play mini games and to defeat them. There are only two rules. If you lose, they will win and if you win, they will lose.
Retro based game on American football. Each player will lead his team to the possible success and try to win the prize. The main goal is to complete all the levels and win Retro Bowl award.
Play as Khando and try to save the planet from the evil monsters. The game is developed in pixel art style and offers various levels each completely original. Keep in mind that the entire humanity is at stake, so play wisely.
Arcade game with elements of purgatory and hell. A player will have to complete levels in order to capture evil bosses who are in purgatory instead of hell. They will be moved to the place where they belong after a successful level. By the way, your employees are Horsemen of...
Card battle game which involves comprehensive combats that contain powerful weapons, armors, and items. A player can complete dozens of missions each one 100% unique. Play with a clever strategy and make sure to defeat all the aliens. There are many of them.

Best Pixel Art Games in 2019

Here the player will control a spacecraft through space and defeat or try to defeat Hellraisers and 7 commanders. The game is simple in graphics but has plenty of various weapons. There are 20 weapons, 13 drones, 8 combos and 37 powerups.
Soul Chase: Another World is a thrilling game in which you will have to complete 42 stages and 6 chapters in general. If you are a beginner, pick an easy mode and get familiar with the game. If you are a pro, select a hard mode and test your skills.
Grobo is a robot that wakes up in a modern city where everything is made from metal. He can shift gravity and walk or fly freely in the city. Your mission is to navigate the robot and so solve the puzzles in order to understand your main mission.
The game features a space lizard who will try to complete 20 levels. The game is turn-based, has stealth mode and two different skill paths. It is extremely addictive and fun to play, although some levels are more than just complicated. The game reminds us of retro computer games.
OneBit Adventure is a dungeon exploration game. The world is interesting, one of a kind and loaded with all kinds of enemies and missions. Players can choose different abilities and explore all the levels present. In addition, the game is based on classical gameplay and offers some of the best...
Grab a weapon and start a battle. The DodgeHarder is a highly addictive game that is fast-paced, loaded with details and with customizations you can perform. The main advantage is the ability to make your weapons stronger and to use a robot who is basically an additional character designed to...
In this game, the pixel-based dungeon crawler has to bump everything on the map. The bump moves by swiping the screen while several obstacles and opponents come in the way. There are total 120 levels in this game. You will surely have a great time playing this game
This game provides a platform just like the games Another World and Prince of Persia. Physical controller, latest graphics, classic graphics (optional), and touchscreen. When connected through USB, the controller works very well.
It is an idle RPG with a similar name like AFK Arena but with pixel-art style. It is idle but fun to play when one sees his/her numbers growing. It is a game full of skulls, monsters, gold, boss fights. Every time you become stronger, monsters will also grow and...
Aldarix the Battlemage is so addictive that 99% of gamers play it for 20 hours a day. The game requires careful positioning, planning, and navigation to defeat all kinds of enemies.
Your team will be turned against you once you return to them. Now you should have your payback using unlimited weapons and movements. The Sci-fi genre simply makes the game even better.
Dungeon & Alchemist is a pixel art idle RPG with lots of unique features. Killing enemies drops both golds and ingredients. Golds are used to upgrade player's attack power and hit points while ingredients are used to make potions and spells.
Beat Cop is a point and click adventure pixel-art game that was recently ported to Android. In this game, you will explore it’s darkest corners and uncover New York's secrets as Jack Kelly, a former detective.