What is Oppo ColorOS?

Have you ever wondered what Oppo’s ColorOS is? If so, then this article will guide you through the basics of Oppo’s ColorOS. You’ll learn how to get it and find out more about some of its features.

Oppo is a company that specializes in selling smartphones, tablets, and other electronics that are created for the global market. They have recently released an OS called ColorOS which has been designed specifically for their devices. It combines Android with several proprietary apps to create a customized experience for users.


1. Superior Dark Mode

ColorOS 11 has a dark mode that’s perfect for night time browsing. The dark mode is more than just a cosmetic change, with the color scheme completely changing to black and white so your eyes don’t get tired from staring at bright colors all day.

2. New gesture navigation system 

The gesture navigation system in ColorOS 11 is a great alternative to the common touch interface found on most Android devices. It uses swipes and taps for navigating menus, apps, notifications, and much more. This new feature can be turned off if you prefer traditional buttons or if it just doesn’t work properly on your device.

3.Smart Assistant

It will also include an optional digital assistant that can help make phone calls, answer questions about time zones and currencies, etc., as well as perform tasks such as turning Wi-Fi on/off. The voice of the AI assistant has been designed to be gender neutral so there’s no need to worry about sounding silly when chatting with her – she sounds mature regardless of whether

4.Personalized Always-On Display

The color of the Always-On Display can be customized, and it will also show you a preview of any notifications that might have come in.

For example, if someone has sent you a message or tried to call while your phone was on standby mode (aka when it’s not being used for many minutes), their contact picture will appear on the screen with an icon showing what they’ve done: text message, voice call, etc. This personalization is made possible through OLED technology because without backlighting there’s no way to see anything but black pixels!

5. Improved face unlock security

By adding 3D mapping to the camera app, Oppo increases facelock security, which means it can’t be fooled by photos or masks like other facial recognition systems are prone to being faked.

6.More color schemes

The ColorOS offers a total of 10 colors and 5 color schemes for users to choose from.

7.Create Your Own Ringtone

In addition to the above, with ColorOS 11 you can create a ringtone that’s easy and fun. Users can now create their own ringtones or download and transfer them from the Oppo app store.