What is OnePlus Oxygen OS?

Oxygen OS is the operating system that powers OnePlus smartphones. It’s lightweight, simple to use and powerful enough for all your needs. Oxygen OS has a lot of great features like Smart Capture which allows you to create a screenshot with just one tap on your screen or App Locker so you can lock up any app from prying eyes.

In this article, we will discuss 11 of the best features in Oxygen OS that make it fun and addictive!

Always-on Display

One of the best features about Oxygen OS is its Always On Display. This allows you to see your notifications without having to unlock your phone and it can also be customized with various themes or widgets for more customization options!

The always-on display means I never have to power on my screen just to check a notification from an app, which saves me time in the long run. It’s also really handy when I’m using navigation software because as soon as there’s voice guidance, the guiding text automatically pops up on my screen so I don’t need any other device beside my phone – this has definitely saved me some battery life too!

Enhanced Dark Mod

Another cool feature of Oxygen OS is its Dark Mod. With this, you can automatically switch to a dark theme for your phone’s settings and apps at night (or anytime) so that the screen doesn’t become too harsh on your eyes.

The best part about OxygenOS’ Dark Mode? You don’t have to manually change it! It automatically changes depending on what time it is, which means I never have any issues with eye strain anymore – plus my battery lasts way longer now because screens aren’t being lit up all day long!

Zen Mode 2.0

OxygenOS also has a Zen Mode for when you need to take a break from browsing social media.

This is an awesome feature, especially if I’m feeling really anxious and want to get some of my thoughts together before continuing on with all the notifications that have just piled up because I’ve been too busy scrolling through everything! The best part about OxygenOS’ Zen Mode? It’s literally built in – it’s not something you would use while using another app or even as its own stand-alone mode. You can activate it right within your settings!

Another cool thing about this is that there are specific reminders included so you won’t forget what time it started during days where things might be getting rather

Smart Gallery

This is a cool feature that I’ve actually found myself using quite often. It’s basically a gallery of your photos and videos, organized by day or album in descending order – so the most recent pictures are right at the top! You can access it via your notification center (the “O” on the left side).

New Sans Font

The new Sans font that has been introduced in Oxygen OS is a nice change – it’s quite modern, and the fact that you can use it throughout your device makes for some really cool results!

The sans-serif typeface family was created by Swiss designer Adrian Frutiger. The term “sans serif” is French meaning without serif” (the small lines at the end of letter strokes in traditional fonts). This style is more minimalist with very clean lines.

Dynamic Live Wallpaper

The live wallpaper in Oxygen OS is a dynamic one, which means it rotates between different images at set intervals. This allows you to always have something new and exciting to look at without spending any time on your phone!

Customizable Swipe Down Gestures

Many of the homescreen actions can be customized in Oxygen OS. If you are a fan of swiping down on your screen to pull up notifications, but don’t like that it takes two taps to get back to your home screen after doing so – then this is the perfect change for you! You can now configure swipe gestures and set them based on different contexts.

Revamped UI

This is something that makes the UI more cleaner and aligned for single-handed usage. This is a really neat feature that I think will be well received by many people. The revamped UI for single handed usage makes it easier to use with one hand or in landscape mode. This also makes the UI feel cleaner and more aligned on screen.


  • Oxygen OS gives you plenty of options to add a passcode, fingerprint or face unlock to protect it from unwanted intrusion.
  • The design is clean and simple but provides just enough features for getting things done without being too overwhelming.
  • One feature that sets Oxygen apart from other operating systems out there is Smart Capture which allows you to create screenshots by simply tapping on one spot on your screen instead of having to take a screenshot each time with two fingers. This little change has made taking pictures so much easier!
  • Another great benefit is App Locker which lets you lock up any app making sure no one else can get into them even if they manage to gain access through another route.
  • Finally, OxygenOS does not have any bloatware or anything like that right out of the box. We’ve seen other manufacturers add tons of apps to their devices once they’re set up