What is Nearby?

Nearby is a new feature in Android that allows you to interact with other devices without connecting over the internet. This makes it possible for people to exchange data, share content and even play games right next to each other! Nearby also lets you use your phone or tablet as a controller for apps on another device.

Google Nearby operates by emitting a type of inaudible sound that is undetectable to the human ear. However, if your phone picks up on this sound it will then be able to communicate with other devices nearby via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals so you can find friends or share files without having signal coverage from towers like AT&T Wireless would provide.

The Nearby API is a set of tools that enables apps to easily discover and communicate with nearby devices. Using the Nearby API, your app can discover and connect to nearby devices without the need for any additional hardware. The Nearby API uses a combination of Bluetooth, WiFi, and ultrasonic audio to enable these communications. 

TheNearby API is perfect for applications that need to share data or communicate with other devices in close proximity. For example, you could use the Nearby API to build a chat application that allows users to chat with nearby friends without the need for an internet connection. You could also use the nearby API to build a proximity-based social network or an instant messaging application. 

Do you want to play a game with someone nearby? Nearby is the perfect tool for that. If your friends are all too far away, use Google Play Games which uses Nearby technology, and locate other gamers near you!