6 Best New Android MMORPG Games of 2020

MMORPG is surely a popualr genre on Android devices. That’s why you will see lots of clones and junks on the Play Store. Playing an MMO is about emerging yourself for new experiences in another world. It takes time to start feeling whether an MMORPG game is good or not. Following are the top new ones so you can jump in right away.

  • 2020
  • EVE Echoes

    It is a space MMO game. Players can create their own ships and their own gameplay in order to become the strongest gamer in the game. Game offers exploration, combats and so much more, all of that in space. Each player will choose his own path.

  • Aura Kingdom 2

    Aura Kingdom 2 is an innovative version of MMORPG games. You can encounter more than 40 Eidolons while playing the game. Use the skill of Eidolons to manage the battle. The gaming interface includes rainforests, wetlands, forests, and plains. Your role is to find out monster’s secrets.

  • 2019
  • Black Desert Mobile

    Choose one of 5 classes in the Black Desert Mobile and play versus players from over 150 different countries. Each character can be customized to the impressive levels and thanks to advanced graphics, it will look spectacular.

  • Luna’s Fate

    Luna's Fate is western fantasy MMORPG. The game comes with a beautiful world in anime-style graphics. Luna's Fate features different types of dungeons in a massive world to explore.

  • Durango: Wild Lands

    It comes labelled as MMO, an open-world sandbox. Since, the game is MMO, one can play it along with friends. It is about the animal collection and survival tactics. Durango's open world allows you to experience the full freedom to roam a vast, prehistoric land filled with dinosaurs. 

  • Dark Domain

    It is the most recent auto-play MMORPG for Android devices. Awesome work of graphics and mix of heroes really attracts a user. One has to press the quest button in advance and the game is much non-existent. Idle game players might feel excited about this game because one has to just micromanage the skills, items and weapons. And, then the game plays itself, one can be winner depending upon the management.

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