4 Best New Android Merge Games of 2022

The merge games on Android are becoming more and more popular. It’s easy to see why, too! Merging is a lot of fun and it can be really addicting. There are so many different types of games where you merge things, like puzzles, matching games, and strategy-based ones. You should definitely check out one or two for yourself if you haven’t already!

There are a variety of new and exciting Android merging games on the market today. These games help you make decisions about what to merge together in order to create something that is more valuable than the individual parts. Get ready for hours of gameplay while having fun with your favorite device at hand!

Best Merge Games in 2021

Merege games are the latest trend in gaming, and Merge Monster Evolution is one of those vying for your attention. It has all the same mechanics as 2048 or Threes!. Monster Battle is a game with RPG mechanics. In this game, you will fight monsters. Collecting and merging are the...

Best Merge Games in 2020

Merge Magic is the newest entry in the famous family-friendly line of games for smartphones. You will enter a supernatural empire that has lots of fantastical creatures and objects to merge as one. As you move forward, you have the chance to create more powerful creatures, bigger objects as well...

Best Merge Games in 2019

Om Nom: Merge is based on Nommies, characters who can merge together and create a completely new character. In addition, the game also allows you to explore new locations, to use spells in order to grow various fruits faster and evolve as quickly as possible.
Mage Dice is a merge game. Your purpose is to defend the castle against countless enemies by merging dice and summoning magic. Magic can be upgraded by collecting runes. Each dice's color represents a different spell.