13 Best New Android (AFK) Idle RPG Games of 2021

Idle RPG games capture the hearts of both casual and hardcore RPG fans.


Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen

Masketeers is challenging, yet refreshing. Discover rare items and gain bonuses, adjust the hero based on your strategy, unleash unique attacks and gain allies throughout the game. The RPG will most likely hook you in, whether you count the gameplay or the actual themes.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians

Calibria: Crystal Guardians is a 3D RPG game in which players have to find the Calibria Crystal and to return it back to the safe destination. Join millions who have been playing the game for weeks and who are trying to collect the strongest heroes.

Idle Summoner : Grand Battle

Idle Summoner : Grand Battle allows for players to summon any ancient ruler or a character and to get him as a member of their team. Additional options include the ability to collect weapons and also to fight various monsters and creatures.

Gear for Heroes: Medieval Idle Craft

Gear for Heroes: Medieval Idle Craft is a bit different type of game. You will control blacksmiths in an empire whose mission is to create and improve various weapons for the army. Create new weapons, improve the old ones and make the army the strongest player in the kingdom.


Never Ending Dungeon - IDLE RPG

Fight versus all sorts of enemies and try to defeat all of them. Each player can get a unique hero who will level up 24/7 and yes, even while a player is offline. Customization and possibilities are impressive while spells and special abilities can be unlocked in order to make your hero even more powerful.

Raid the Dungeon

Raid the Dungeon is a feature-rich idle RPG. Players can battle their ways through the dungeons and power up heroes by collecting epic weapons, armor and gear. The game has every features gamers want in anauto play game. There are lots of stuff to do daily, lots of enhancements with equipment and items.

Zombieland: Double Tapper

Zombieland: Double Tapper will place you in the post-apocalyptic world where zombies live. Your mission is to navigate across the United States, visit some popular destinations and kill as many zombies as possible. Additional features include a buddy system, double-tap and many others. 

Ode To Heroes

Ode to Heroes is an idle RPG similar to Idle Heroes. In this game, heroes come from ancient China. You will spot many famous names such as Guan Yu, Zhuge Liang. There are over 200 heroes from different factions, mastering hundreds of unique skills and divided into high damage, healing, and controlling heroes.

AFK Heroes

It is an idle RPG with a similar name like AFK Arena but with pixel-art style. It is idle but fun to play when one sees his/her numbers growing. It is a game full of skulls, monsters, gold, boss fights. Every time you become stronger, monsters will also grow and become more dangerous.

Metal Slug Infinity: Idle Role Playing Game

Metal Slug is a popular action title. Its developer, ekkorr, makes a spin-off of the series. Metal Slug Infinity is a clicker RPG with familiar graphics. You can level up your team and enjoy limitless growth and challenges, upgrade and grow exponentially with buffs and teleportation systems.

Dungeon & Alchemist - Idle RPG

Dungeon & Alchemist is a pixel art idle RPG with lots of unique features. Killing enemies drops both golds and ingredients. Golds are used to upgrade player's attack power and hit points while ingredients are used to make potions and spells.

AFK Arena

The game features  a beautiful world full of epic tales and exciting adventures. Players will choose heroes from 6 factions to form a team and participate in an endless adventure or fight against the others in arena and tournament.

Soul Saver: Idle RPG

The game is an idle RPG with cute graphics. Your heroes grow endlessly with you playing or turning-off the game. It has Talismans as a unique mechanic. There are over 28 Talismans which offer various effects.