Android Hidden Objects Games

Hidden Object games, a delightful blend of exploration and puzzle-solving, transport players into vividly designed environments where keen observation and sharp thinking are key. Unlike the fast-paced action in other gaming genres, Hidden Object games offer a more reflective and absorbing experience.

As you dive into various settings – from eerie haunted houses to serene gardens – you’ll find yourself deeply engrossed in searching for clues and items cleverly tucked away in the scene. These games not only challenge your ability to spot the unseen but also engage your mind in unraveling the stories hidden within.

Best Android Hidden Objects Games

Find Out: Find Hidden Objects!

Find Out: Find Hidden Objects!

Give “Find Out: Find Hidden Objects” a whirl if you’re into spotting hidden stuff and cracking puzzles. It’s all about putting your eagle eyes to the test across various scenarios. To spice things up, the game throws in a mix of modes, so boredom is off the table.

What’s cool about it?

  • Dive into different worlds, including Animals, Ocean, Travel, and loads more.
  • Experience the thrill in varied gaming modes, each offering a fresh vibe and challenge.
  • Tackle puzzles that are as pretty as they are brain-teasing.
  • Perfect for giving your observation skills and brain a workout.

But, heads up, it’s not all smooth sailing. Some sneaky items love to play hide and seek behind the bottom screen icons, making them a pain to tap on. And, yeah, the ads can get a bit much, though you can swap them for some cool in-game perks. Still, they can test your patience.

Also, a bit of a bummer, the game has a habit of crashing more than you’d want. This mostly happens right after an ad rolls out post-level, leaving you staring at a black screen, or when you’re about to use a hint. Smoothing out these glitches would definitely amp up the fun factor.

Found It! Hidden Object Game

Found It! Hidden Object Game

In Found It!, you’ll search for hidden objects in a series of puzzles. The game is free and offers an array of bright, engaging scenes. To succeed, focus on the item you need to find, explore different locations, and complete the tasks at hand.

If you’re ever stuck, hints are there to guide you. Plus, you can zoom in and out to scour every corner of the map thoroughly.

The game boasts fantastic graphics and hundreds of objects to find, unlocking new levels as you progress. If you’re into detective or scavenger hunt games, this one will surely captivate you. It’s not just fun; it also sharpens your observation and attention skills.


  • Free-to-play hidden object game, offering endless fun.
  • Easy to pick up and play, making it great for any time and place.
  • Ideal for all ages, so gather your friends and family for a puzzle-solving session.
  • Challenges increase as you find more objects, unlocking more complex maps.
  • Use hints if you’re stuck to locate items.
  • Zoom in and out to spot those well-hidden objects.
  • Explore various scenes and levels, from playgrounds to ocean worlds.

Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks

In this game, you get to search for hidden characters and objects in beautifully hand-drawn, interactive scenes. Your task is to uncover various items and characters, doing things like opening tent flaps, moving through bushes, and even interacting with crocodiles.

A set of icons at the bottom of the screen shows what you need to find, and if you’re stuck, you can tap on these for hints. Finding enough items lets you move on to new areas.

Game Features:

  • 32 unique, hand-drawn landscapes
  • Over 300 hidden items to discover
  • More than 2000 sound effects were made with human voices
  • Over 500 different ways to interact with the scenes
  • Three visual modes: normal, sepia (brown tint), and night
  • Available in 22 languages

Hidden Folks stands out with its doodle art style and engaging search-and-find gameplay. It’s similar to another game, Hidden Through Time, but with a few key differences.

Unlike Hidden Through Time, Hidden Folks doesn’t stick to historical themes; it offers a variety of settings like forests and cities. Another notable feature is its unique sound effects, all made from human voices, which adds a quirky charm to the game.

Hidden objects of Eldritchwood

Hidden objects of Eldritchwood

Discover the excitement in Eldritchwood! In this game, you’re thrown into a world of secrets and puzzles. Your task? Find hidden objects and solve riddles. Each discovery takes you closer to unraveling the mystery of this hidden city.

You’re the Chosen One, a truth seeker destined to piece together the puzzles and riddles of Eldritchwood. The game offers a deep dive into a world filled with secrets. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a story full of surprises, solving riddles and brain puzzles.

In Eldritchwood, you’re not just playing a game; you’re part of a secret, hidden world. As the Chosen One, it’s your mission to solve mysteries by finding secret notes and saving the town of Loe. Expect to tackle match-3 puzzles and various brain teasers on your quest.

What Eldritchwood has in store:

  • PUZZLES & RIDDLES: Hunt for hidden objects to open new areas. Keep an eye out for anything unusual; you never know what you might find!
  • CREATURES & CHARACTERS: Meet a range of unique beings and characters who will aid you in your quest.
  • NEW CHAPTERS: Your adventure is only beginning. Be prepared for plot twists and challenging puzzles as you seek answers to the big questions.

June’s Journey: Hidden Objects

June's Journey: Hidden Objects

Get ready for an epic adventure with June’s Journey, the hidden object game that brings a mix of mystery, romance, and 1920s glamour to your fingertips!

As you play, there’s a fun twist: the quicker you spot the hidden items, the more in-game money you earn. This ties into an optional but interesting part of the game where you get to play architect.

Think of it like Simcity Buildit – you use your earnings to decorate and upgrade a mansion. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Become a Detective: Have an eye for detail? Test your skills by finding hidden clues in a series of unsolved mysteries. Feel like a real detective as you solve challenging puzzles.
  • Exciting Storylines: Each chapter of the game is packed with mystery, danger, and romance. Follow June as she unravels murder mysteries and maybe even falls in love. The story’s twists and turns are yours to discover.
  • Stunning Scenes: Dive into beautifully designed puzzles that not only test your problem-solving skills but also enhance your memory and attention to detail.
  • Design and Decorate: Take a break from detective work to decorate and renovate your own luxurious mansion and garden. Your choices in design will bring your personal flair to the game.
  • Join a Detective Club: Connect with other players in the Detective Lounge. Share tips, compete in challenges, and see who can find hidden items the fastest.
  • Join 25 Million Fans: Don’t miss out on this game from Wooga, the creators of Pearl’s Peril, another hit in hidden object games.
  • Weekly New Episodes: Just like your favorite TV shows, enjoy a new mystery in each chapter released weekly. Expect gripping cliffhangers!
  • Relax and Play: Make this game part of your relaxation routine. Enjoy solving mysteries in luxurious settings, and you might even sharpen your memory in the process.

Secret Cat Forest

Secret Cat Forest

Secret Cat Forest is a game that’s all about relaxation and making friends with adorable cats. The idea is simple: you create items and furniture that cats love. As you make these things, cute cats might show up. It’s a chill game to enjoy when you want to unwind.

The game is set in a cozy house where only cats live. You collect stuff like wood and fish, which helps attract different kinds of cats to your house. Each cat has its own likes and quirks.

The game isn’t just about spotting hidden items; it’s more interactive. For example, there’s a mini-game for fishing where timing is key, and collecting wood feels like playing a clicker game.

The game’s setting is serene, and the cats are super cute – perfect for de-stressing.


  • It’s easy and fun to play, with simple controls.
  • There’s a day and night cycle that happens in real-time.
  • Meet dozens of charming kitties.
  • Enjoy lovely animations and beautiful, moving backgrounds.
  • It’s connected to Google Play, so you can save your game in the cloud.
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