Android Chess Games

Chess, an age-old game of strategy and skill, has found a new lease of life in the digital age.

In this article, we’re showcasing the top chess games available for Android users, each offering a unique blend of classic gameplay and innovative features.

Whether you’re a seasoned grandmaster or a budding enthusiast, these apps promise to enhance your playing experience, sharpen your skills, and bring the timeless magic of chess right to your fingertips.

Best Chess Games for Android

Really Bad Chess

Really Bad Chess

Really Bad Chess is a fun twist on traditional chess. Imagine mixing up the chess pieces randomly – you could end up with a bunch of knights, a few bishops, and a couple of pawns, all in one game! It’s so quirky that it even got a shout-out on NPR’s Weekend Edition.

It’s perfect for everyone, whether you’re a chess pro or you stopped playing right after learning the moves. This game adds a fresh, interesting spin, making chess exciting again.

You can play the free version against a computer and tackle different challenges, whether they’re daily, weekly, or ranked. Plus, there’s a Freeplay mode to sharpen your skills.

And if you’re up for playing with friends, just one purchase lets you unlock Versus Mode, ditch those ads, keep track of captured pieces, and even lets you switch up the game’s look with cool color schemes.

Chess Clash

Chess Clash

Check out Chess Clash, an exciting online game! It’s a top-notch chess game from, perfect for learning and mastering chess. You get to play against skilled players globally, testing your strategy and logic in this well-known board game.

Your main aim? Outsmart your opponent, capture their pieces, and go for the checkmate.

You can play against others online, facing real players worldwide, and up your chess game. It’s easy to invite friends for a game and even chat with fellow chess enthusiasts, exchanging gifts as you play. Whether you play with friends or other players, it’s a great way to sharpen your chess skills.

The game offers two modes: Classic Chess for a more traditional, relaxed game, and Quick Chess for when you’re in the mood for something faster. You can pick from different arenas, each with its unique rewards.

As you play, you’ll unlock cool chess sets and earn daily rewards. If you’re competitive, aim for the top of the Leaderboards to snag big prizes. This game is for everyone, whether you’re new or experienced. It’s a live learning experience with real opponents.


  • Play chess online with real players
  • Get daily rewards for free
  • Invite and play with your friends
  • Chat and swap gifts with players
  • Choose from various arenas with unique prizes
  • Two modes: Classic and Quick Chess
  • Collect unique chess pieces and boards
  • Compete on the Leaderboard with pro players
  • Play offline against the computer
  • Complete daily tasks for more rewards
  • Unlock premium items in the season pass
  • Golden Box for a chance to win more free items



Lichess is a totally free, open-source chess app made by chess enthusiasts. It’s popular, with over 150,000 users playing every day.

The app offers a bunch of different ways to play chess:

  1. Choose from several game speeds, like bullet, blitz, or classical.
  2. Play correspondence chess at a slower pace.
  3. Join in on arena tournaments.
  4. Find and challenge other players.
  5. Track your game statistics.
  6. Improve your skills with chess puzzles.
  7. Try out different chess variants, both online and offline, such as Crazyhouse, Chess 960, King of the Hill, and more.
  8. Analyze your games with local computer evaluation.
  9. Get detailed server computer analyses, complete with move annotations and game summaries.
  10. Explore various openings and endgames.
  11. Play against a computer offline.
  12. Use the Over The Board mode to play with a friend without a network.
  13. Use a versatile chess clock with multiple time settings.
  14. Customize the board to your liking.
  15. The app supports 80 languages and is designed for both phones and tablets, including landscape mode.
  16. And the best part? It’s 100% free, ad-free, and open source!
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