WWE Undefeated

WWE Undefeated was featured in December, 2020 of Fighting

WWE lovers now have a chance to engage in real-time head to head WWE competition. You have an opportunity to bring out your inner cerebral assassin by collecting, upgrading, and customizing WWE superstars. The game takes place in a visually appealing environment you can’t resist. You can compete in WrestleMania, Summerslam, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, and many more.

The newest WWE mobile game is here and it’s going to be a huge hit! It features real-time head-to-head competition, and even better yet – you can play against your friends. Not only that but the matches are short so they fit into anyone’s schedule. It is a competitive multiplayer with quick action and strategic gameplay.

  • Collect signature moves to use in a fight. You can collect them by defeating opponents in the game and they help you to beat your enemies.
  • You can be your favorite WWE Superstar. There are a lot of stars like The Rock, Roman Reigns, The Undertaker, Drew McIntyre, and more. You can do a lot of things like over-the-top attacks and moves that are unbelievable.
  • Thanks to an enhanced online experience, you can form alliances with a faction (such as The Authority) and share character move sets.
  • Players from around the world can play head-to-head matches with each other. These are real-time matches. The game is difficult because skills matter in this game.