Woven Pocket Edition

Woven Pocket Edition was featured in May, 2021 of Adventure, Puzzle

Woven Pocket Edition is a port of its PC version, Woven which had some success on the platform. Now it has made way its over to the way to mobile mobile platform and fared well.

Woven Pocket Edition is a narrative-heavy puzzle game with a fine story. One drawback is that the game has some control frustrations. The game Woven is an enjoyable 3D adventure game. You can try it before you buy.

From woolly creatures to a clumsy, well-meaning Stuffy who roams the woolen world alone.

Join Stuffy and friends on their adventure through the magical world of fabric, wool and many dangers, in order to find out why Stuffy is left behind, where machines suddenly come from, and many other mysteries!

In the world of Woven, there are obstacles and challenges. You will have to find blueprints of animals to modify Stuffy’ shape and abilities. For every situation there is something that fits, and animals are no exception.

When you’re traveling around the world, be sure to note paths that don’t look like they go anywhere. They are hidden paths. You can learn about the world’s history through found secrets.


  • Stuffy can be customized with different fabrics and body parts. There are 100+ hidden fabrics to find.
  • You can mix and match different animal blueprints each with their own skillset.
  • A fully handcrafted world is waiting for you to experience.
  • The game contains a variety of unique worlds where each level has its own musical and visual style.