Warhammer: Odyssey – 5 Tips for beginners

Warhammer: Odyssey was featured in April, 2021 of MMORPG

Warhammer: Odyssey brings in an old school game play with no room for auto play. You have to do everything yourself – join in and advance. The game is aimed to boost the team play and tactical combat. Explore a massive open world and fight others or make new allies.

With six classes and a dozen specializations, you can customize your character in the smallest details. Build your way up and turn your newbie character into a legendary hero. Just like any other game, Warhammer: Odyssey is more enjoyable when you play it with friends. Come up with exclusive teams and destroy the most fearsome monsters in the land.

Tips for beginners

  1. Join a team to level up – In Warhammer Odyssey, there aren’t daily quests that gives loads of experience. Instead, experiences will come from grinding and killing monsters repeatedly like classic MMORPG games. It is better to join a small team to grind.
  2. Use food that regens over time – There is no shop that sell potions which restore HP and mana in the game. They can only be obtained via looting or trading with other players or buying the auction house. The food can be purchased from the merchants.
  3. Allocate status– Weapon skill affects your damage, accuracy helps your attack hit target more often, initiative affects evasion, wounds increases your HP, focus increases your damage a tiny bit and, and leadership affects your maximum mana.
  4. Use skill after 3 normal hits – Remember to use your skills only after finishing 3 normal attacks consecutively to get a charge. It adds effects to the upcoming skill or increases the damage dealt.
  5. Keep the equipment’s durability high – When a gear’s durability reaches 0, it breaks. You will be in a bad situation without a gear.