War Alliance – Real-Time Multiplayer War

War Alliance – Real-Time Multiplayer War was featured in November, 2020 of PvP, Real-Time Strategy, War

Gather your troops early on the battleground and let the opposing army find you ready. Use your heroes to employ sound tactics, smart planning, and quick moves to deliver a decisive blow on the opponent. War Alliance allows the gamer to deploy cards from their battle deck to improve their chances of winning.

As you stand on the field of battle with your Hero by your side and troops at the ready, will you wilt like so many dead flowers or seize that VICTORY?! You’ll have to fight smartly if you want to win in this free-to-play mobile game.

Become a soldier in the battle of War Alliance! You will have to decide on one of many unique heroes and deploy cards from your customized deck. Victories provide you with spoils that can be used for upgrading troops or acquiring new cards, all leading up to an increased power level.

The instant you create your first Clan, the world is yours. Whether stealthily riding solo or forming a team of Foes to share in victories and defeats alike – it’s all up to you! Clans offer exclusive rewards for members only, as well timed events that will keep things lively with friendly duels against others who are also part of an established group from across the globe.

Battle it out in real-time PVP matches against players from around the world! Control your hero as you attack and defend against your opponent’s heroes. With each new, unique hero comes a different opportunity to use for various playstyles. Unlock cards and upgrade them with more powerful skills while joining clans of friends who will help prove yourself on the leaderboard together!