Unruly Heroes

Unruly Heroes was featured in March, 2021 of Platformer

This is a mobile game based on the first-ever mythological novel in China known as “Journey to the west”. It has a 2D action-adventure orientation. The game features incredible artwork in terms of style and has a funny plot to provide an overall innovative experience to the gamers. It has the lead players indulging in solving riddles, engaging in fights, parkour, and adventures ending up slaying the demons and evils. The game also allows switching between characters of masters and their disciples.


  • Fantastic hand-drawn art style – The rich and in-depth level design of the game illustrates a vivid sense of realism.
  • Switch between the master and disciples – You can effortlessly switch between the four characters both in and out of combat to overcome puzzles and obstacles.
  • Rich and varied gameplay – The game features over ten different gameplay elements including: fighting, puzzle solving, loot collecting, parkour, platforming and more while following the journey of a master and his three disciples.

The game won the 47th Annie Award for best game character animation.