Unimime was featured in August, 2021 of Arcade

Unimime is a fun, physics-based balancing game that players find hard to master. It is a unicycle game set in an urban scene where you play a mime who performs juggling tricks. You may be frustrated that it takes a little time to learn how master Unimime.

To start, you’ll play as a lowly mime who barely knows any tricks and can’t hardly balance himself. Put your skills in riding a unicycle to good use by navigating boxes, minor inclines and flat surfaces as quickly as possible.

Unlock 60 levels ranging from easy to hard, and unlock new characters as you play.

The controls of Unimime are a joy to play and they’re spot-on, but the game is tough to master. With simple controls that are designed for most hand sizes, it’s easy enough for anyone to pick up (but difficult to master).

For those looking for fun with simple controls that offers hours of gameplay, Unimime is a better choice.