Unholy Adventure

Unholy Adventure was featured in May, 2021 of Point and Click Adventure

Think you have the steely nerves necessary for mystery solving? Prepare to put on your detective hat and set off for a journey into a world of grim shadows. UnHoly Neighborhood is a point and click adventure puzzle mystery game.

Each of the game’s narrative stories contain mystery games and secret stories. In the world of point and click story games, horror UnHoly Neighborhood will offer you a unique experience. The levels are creepy and surreal. UnHoly Neighborhood has lots of puzzles, and riddles required player to solve.

If you like scary games, meet Peter Grim. He is the protagonist in UnHoly Neighborhood. Who kidnapped Peter’s wife? What is this strange storm about? Why giant rats took over the city? You will discover the secrets in the game’s epic story mode, you need to find out kidnapped Peter’s wife, why giant rats took over the city, what the strange storm is about, etc…