Tsuki’s Odyssey

Tsuki's Odyssey was featured in May, 2021 of Simulation

Hyperbeard has had plenty of casual pet games over the years and Tsuki’s Odyssey is their latest. The thing about this game is that you don’t have direct control, so it can feel a bit passive.

You’ll just check in to see what Tamaki (the main character) does each day. But even if it feels like more of an observational type of gameplay there are still things for decoration which makes up for any lack on manipulation we may find lacking from other titles within its genre with cuter graphics than most out there; making this worth checking out whether or not you’re into life simulators as they offer something new enough to enjoy while maintaining your interest without feeling too much like work at all either!

You don’t have direct control for them but can decorate your abode; making it more like an adorable slice-of-life title than any kind of life sim or pet raising simulator! If you enjoy these sorts of titles then be sure not to miss checking out Tsuki’s Odyssey – its graphics are adorably sweet and worth every second spent playing!

Tsuki is not your pet. They are like a free spirit that can go wherever they want in the world. But, if you check in often, you might find something new and exciting happening!