Trap Master: Merge Defense

Trap Master: Merge Defense was featured in June, 2021 of Tower Defense

Trap Master: Merge Defense is a tower defense game. You will set traps and weapons inside of side-scrolling dungeon to keep monsters from getting your treasure.

While this game is fun, it’s made so that you have to buy things. If you don’t buy something, it doesn’t work. So if you want a tower defense game that doesn’t respect your time, this is the one for you.

Villains are trying to steal your treasure! Set up traps to keep them out.


  • Let villain steal your treasure will make you lose the game. Set up traps and use them to hurt people. If someone gets stuck, then you can make their life terrible by using things like flamethrowers.
  • Strategically select skills from different categories to increase your chance of winning. Strategically set up traps in order to clear the stage more easily.
  • Combine the same traps to make stronger ones. With the right combinations, you can defeat a villain.
  • You must stop the villains from stealing the jewels! If they get away, you will lose. You can only beat them if you don’t let them escape with the jewels!