The Spike – Volleyball Story

The Spike - Volleyball Story was featured in May, 2021 of Casual

The Spike is a volleyball game that will be both your stress reliever as well as entertainment for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy. Developed by an indie team of high schoolers in Korea, this game features unmatched graphics and gameplay with a relaxing soundtrack that sets the mood.

The main goal of The Spike is to set up the ball on your side of the net to make it past your opponent so you can spike it across their court onto their net – hence its title. You have four options: two high balls and two low ones (bounding or setting), each requiring different moves in order to overcome height obstacles such as jump float serve, back row attack smash hit, and front.

The remastered version of Spike Volleyball is challenging and has good graphics, but the controls take time to get used to.

While graphics are nice, it will take time to get used to controls in this challenging game- which can be fun if you put in that time and make an effort with them! The controls though can take some time to get used to and even mentions that it is a challenging game at first glance when you look over their description.

You will have fun with this if you put the time into getting use to how they react because many people would assume a remastered version should address these types of issues but unfortunately not so much here sadly enough. The dev even mentions they’re difficult right off the bat on their description page for those who were questioning whether or not these could possibly just start out easy… glad I didn’t give up too soon though because after some adjusting and getting into my groove when actually playing myself, I’m already hooked (and determined) to win next season’s volleyball league championship any way possible now.