Tesla Force

Tesla Force was featured in November, 2021 of Top Down Shooter

Tesla Force is a 3rd-person shooter that is top-down in design. The shooting action is entertaining in short bursts, but prolonged sessions expose the game’s grindy nature.

Tesla Force is an endlessly replayable roguelite game. If you find yourself becoming too attached to your character, no problem! The randomly generated levels ensure there’s something new around every corner — so don’t worry about getting bogged down by an unbeatable boss or deadly abomination.

Tesla Force rewards experimentation with its ever-changing permutations of monsters and item drops, but it also throws in some deadly surprises just when you think you’re on top of the game.

To help overcome these precarious situations Nikola Tesla has developed a number of gadgets that will surely come in handy during playthroughs. With over a dozen unique Lovecraftian horrors and boss monsters to defeat.