TERA: Endless War

TERA: Endless War was featured in November, 2020 of Real-Time Strategy, War

With over 2 million downloads, TERA gives the user hours-long entertainment without feeling bored with it. Just to show you how this game has swept through the gaming world, it moved from 2.6 stars to 4.6 stars in just 12 hours.

Endless War is a strategic epic battle in which the player uses varied classes, formations, troop transport and rally to form different strategies. With a perfect strategy, anyone can become the victor of war.

Cooperate with other players to gain a foothold against your opponents or defend and reclaim territories.

Battle various fighters on a hexagon field. Conquer various cities with your forces while attacking enemy camps and capturing troops.

What makes this war never-ending? Endless War’s high quality graphics of heroes, buildings and diverse strategy make it feel like you are at the heart of battle. Become a hero in battles that will never end!