Super Ball Jump

Super Ball Jump was featured in April, 2021 of Arcade

Super Ball Jump is a fun and intuitive physics-based game that features an Angry Birds-style slingshot mechanic for movement. In each map, the player needs to save Yeebees, little creatures, in order to unlock new portals. With over 80 levels in all and periodic introductions of new enemies and traps as well as additional mechanics such as time-based puzzles for variety with each level, Super Ball Jump will keep gameplay feeling fresh your whole journey!

The control is simple, simply pull back on the character in the opposite direction you want to move, then let go. That said, this control scheme works well not only because it’s easy to use with touch screens but also because anyone who plays the original game would be familiar with its way of moving seamlessly up or down vertical surfaces without any trouble at all! This also means that anyone can pick up Super Ball Jump and understand how to play and control the characters.

Super Ball Jump also has over 100 achievements to unlock. And it supports 4K HDD graphics with awesome background visuals for your bounce ball adventure, roll on.