SpellTower was featured in August, 2021 of Word

SpellTower is a re-released word game with more content.

As you work, the tiles rise from the bottom of your screen. You’ll need to think quickly and strategically in order to keep them down! If any letters make it all the way up, you’re done for good.

The game features more modes for more fun.

TOWER MODE: Play a competitive game where you can rack up the most points, eliminating small words to set up 7- and 8-letter blockbusters!

DAILY TOWER MODE: Compete against other players in similar towers that change daily!

PUZZLE MODE : The more words you make, the harder it gets to find an appropriate letter. You can only use letters in a word that’s already been used as well, so put down those vowels and go hunting for consonants!

EXTREME PUZZLE MODE : This is a puzzle mode with the minimum word length cranked up. Perhaps this is for experts only!

ZEN MODE : Puzzle mode with no restrictions on length.

RUSH MODE : There are plenty of letters available on the board. Try to use them in the correct order to find words as fast as you can, but make sure not to get yourself trapped into a corner!