Space Marshals 3

Space Marshals 3 was featured in November, 2020 of Stealth

The award-winning sci-fi stealth action game this far, the crew of Space Marshals is back and ready to take on all comers. With weapons at the ready, you’re fighting a two wars: for your life with futuristic weapons and abilities as well as for humanity’s very right to live among the stars.

A revolutionary game that demands unmatched stealth and tactical combat. Space Marshals 3 is set in outer space with the gamer required to hunt every last one of the bad guys in space. Fasten your boots and get ready for plenty of action without necessarily requiring foreknowledge of the original story.

If you’re unsure about the experience of our game, try it before buying! You’ll be able to first see how a level plays out and then decide if that’s what you want. We can’t wait for your feedback on where we go next since this is an indie title with one chapter at time release- there won’t be any need for in-app purchases. Keep us updated so we know when to take off or fly higher!

As a professional stealth operative, you must be able to choose your approach carefully and know when not to fight. Use distractions like luring different enemy factions together and let them fight each other instead of always running into the gun battle guns blazing with no regard for yourself or others.

In Space Marshall, you’ll need to master the environment for your tactical advantage – cover yourself while you strafe from one hiding spot to another or sneak around behind enemies without being seen! The game will give you tools of trade such as distractions (smoke grenades), flash bangs, traps and more…

Choosing which weapon or armor suits you best is integral for survival on the battlefield – no point fighting if someone else has already beaten you before they even started! Each piece of gear comes with its strengths and weaknesses so make sure depending on who’s coming after me I’m prepared enough to defend myself…or just hide until help arrives 😉