Solitaire: Magical Card Games

Solitaire: Magical Card Games was featured in November, 2020 of Card Battle

With its excellent interactive features, solitaire is compatible with virtually every device. Solitaire ushers you into a new world that is magically adventurous and full of exciting twists. The gamer aims to destroy the evil witch whose agenda is to destroy every knight in the realm and subject people to slavery.

The fairies, knights and wizards will help you on your magical card game adventure. The evil witch Jill has the intent to destroy the knight’s realm and enslave its people; it is up to them to stop her!

This is a magical solitaire game that offers a lot of twists and turns. You must remove the cards from each level to claim their power, which will allow you to rebuild villages, erect towering castles or breathe new life into dead forests with just one wave of your magic wand!

Explore a whimsical world of magic and mystery as you build your empire one level at time. You’ll be able to play with seven different types of buildings, eight suits in the deck, 30 achievements for maximum bragging rights; plus wilds, jokers and powerups that will help you get ahead even faster!

From 280 magic levels (you’re never bored!) through 7 different locations with 8 fantastic card suits, 30 great achievements are waiting there just for you – what’s more, wilds and jokers let me get lucky even when things go south… but don’t worry about anything going wrong during your playtime because powerups will help you stay afloat.