Slashy Camp

Slashy Camp was featured in March, 2021 of Arcade

Have you ever thought everything around is real while indeed you’re dead? Play as skullface and hunt down every victim of the camp and rack up a monster score for yourself. A casual, yet endless runner slaughterfest, tons of traps, epics weapons galore, are among the features you will find in this game.


  • A game where you jump over obstacles, and try to kill people. You can move SkullFace in any direction, but make sure to stay out of the way of the obstacles.
  • Avoid the campfires that seem to be bottomless, lakes with spikes, and landmines. Otherwise you will lose points.
  • You can gain experience points and level up. It will unlock new movie icons. For example, the Wolfman, Vampire, Slime Monster, and Fishman.
  • You can collect lots of weapons, like a chainsaw or a golden machete. Or you could even get some tuna fish. Once the weapon is unlocked, you can find it on a run and use it for bonus points in a mini-game.
  • With dozens of levels to work your way through, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to flex your mental muscle… or just swipe and smash through everything.
  • This free to play Android game is the scariest endless runner you’ve ever played.