Slash & Roll: Live Guild Raids

Slash & Roll: Live Guild Raids was featured in November, 2021 of PvP, Turn-Based RPG

The game features moderate amounts of player-versus-player (PvP) action. Since it’s new and few people are playing, you’ll mostly play against Bots in this dice game with a PvP focus.

  • Play with other people in the game! You can work together to win.
  • Create or join an international guild to team up with your friends. Then you can attack other people.
  • Talk with your friends in your guild about what to do. You should talk about how you will attack and what tactics you will use.
  • Raid and rush against other guilds. Fight in epic matches of 20v20.
  • In this game, you can join a team. You can fight other teams in real-time.
  • Dominate the rankings and show off your skills in the season.
  • Level up your hero power to help you and your guild.
  • Customize your hero with cool weapons or get amount that will make you taller. The more you customize your hero, the better it will be in battle.
  • Roll the dice and then attack. You can collect shields to help you.
  • You can send gifts to people in your guild and allies. They will be happy and they might do well.
  • Become the guild champion! Play with your friends in dice battles.
  • You need your rivals’ gold. You can get it by attacking their buildings or stealing them.