Slash of Sword 2

Slash of Sword 2 was featured in May, 2021 of Action RPG

Slash of Sword 2 is the perfect sequel to a game that was already excellent. The graphics have been improved, there are new levels and an exciting storyline!

You will play as someone who were accused of a crime you didn’t commit, and as punishment you had to fight in the arena. There are many difficult fights that will make you bleed. You need to learn skills so that you can fight better, and explore locations and interact with characters to find out who did it.

The decisions you make in this game will depend on what you want. In this game, you decide about if it is necessary to help a robber or not. When spotting a treasure, you might wonder to take it or find the owner and give it back to him. Maybe you let a girl go with the robber who kidnapped her, or deal with him and return the girl to her father.

The combat will be a bit of challenge. You need to do a lot of things in this game’s tactical combat system. You need to choose when you will attack, and also when you will block or dodge if necessary.

If you’ve ever played any free-to-play games, then I’m sure you know that earning in-game currency is difficult. And if the progress is slow and there’s an imbalance often seen in mobile games? Well, all of this points to one thing: In app purchases are your only hope for progression. That’s the only bad things about Slash of Sword 2.