Shining Beyond – tips for beginners, how to reroll

Shining Beyond was featured in December, 2020 of Collective RPG, Gacha

An epic adventure with versatile characters, Shining Beyond also combines skills and costumes that are unseen with any other game. This particular game is classified as an idle-action hybrid and involves the player taking on the scariest monsters. Every hero can be customized according to the player’s taste.


Stages in Shining Beyond are divided into rooms in which the heroes need to fight against monster to clear and proceed further. Stages can be in a city or in a dungeon.

Your heroes will engage in the combat automatically. Player can control the flow of a battle by clicking an enemy to force the heroes to focus on them, or by tapping a position to have all your heroes gather there, or by tapping a hero’s skill icon to make him unleash his skill.

Tips for beginners

  • Reroll to start off on with useful heroes – The beginning will be so much easier if you manage to summon one or two top-tier characters. It will also help you reduce grinding time. Summoning a SR hero in Shinign Beyond is really hard, so many players resort to rerolling.
  • Understand the job system – The game has quite an innovative job system compared to other games in the same genre. The system allows the players to highly customize their characters and help them specialize in certain areas. Any unit starts with one job among Rogue, Warrior, Archer, and Acolyte. Understanding the differences in jobs to create good teams without duplicate abilities will help you go further with less effort.
  • Complete the boot camp missions – This is your first priority after rolling for good tier heroes. The reward is absolutely good considering it will grant you a free SSR selector ticket. This ticket allows you to recruit any SSR hero of your choice.
  • Upgrade your hero – You should always try to keep your heroes’ levels as high as possible to complete stages faster.

How to reroll

  1. Try to create as many emails as possible. You will burn 1 per attempt.
  2. Progress in the game until you get your first 10x summoning.
  3. Summon your heroes and pray for the best.
  4. If the heroes aren’t good, you can log out of the account, and login once again with another.
  5. Repeat steps 1-5 until you get the heroes you want.

Some good heroes to consider:

  • Faye – Warrior
  • Chaos – Archer
  • Makoto – Rogue
  • Gordon – Acolyte