Sheep Squad

Sheep Squad was featured in November, 2020 of Action, PvP

Sheep Squad is an active-packed multiplayer game that relies on strategy and precision. The gamer is required to be alert every second to keep pace with the intense nature of the game and propel yourself to victory. You will able to combine artillery and arrow shooting to guarantee a quick victory.

Players of all ages will enjoy the immersive gameplay, precision challenges and fast-paced rounds in this multiplayer game. This is a unique strategy game where every second matters and accuracy is key!

Ready to turn cute sheep into tough warriors? Can you change your way of fighting? You might be a good bow master or headshot legend. But team up with friends from all over the world to show who is the best.

This game is a mix of shooting arrows and artillery, and playing on platforms. It will keep you busy when you are fighting others and friends.

In this game, you can watch your flock and upgrade your skills. You can also collect rare treasure and daily rewards while unlocking cute emoticons. You can create your own battle arena with a drag and drop map maker, with themes like fields of grass or the fiery volcano of Pompeii. Save skills shots and other exciting moments from battle that you want to keep, then celebrate by doing a victory dance!