Shadow Knight: Deathly Adventure RPG

Shadow Knight: Deathly Adventure RPG was featured in June, 2020 of Action RPG

The games introduce you to an amazing world of Harmonia. The land of Harmonia has several Mortal races, like Spirit, Elf, Beast man, Dwarf, Spirit, and Orc. You will play as the Shadow Knight to save Harmonia from darkness.

The world of Harmonia is a bright and peaceful place where all races come together in harmony. Human, Spirit Dwarf, Orc and Elf live in peace together. One day, deep desires arise among them as the dark forces from hell invade their land to bring tragedy and despair upon every citizen there.

Your quest to save the world of Harmonia from darkness will take you on a journey through various environments. Along your way, battle epic monsters and fight evil enemies as well as bringing back light to all corners of the land by defeating immortals in order to win its favor! Will YOU be that force Shadow Knight? Shadow Knights are the most powerful warriors in Harmonia that fight evil enemies and bring back light to their world.

  • Experience a classic hack and slash RPG with thrilling action, dark fantasy world setting, complex terrain to explore. Explore many types of complex terrain by running, climbing, jumping! There’re fascinating mystery points for you to find out!
  • Explore the darkest and most dangerous corners of a fantasy world full of monsters, zombies, skeletons, orcs and undead creatures. Fight back against ultimate enemies – powerful bosses!
  • Gear Up In Style – Collect rare weapons, armor, runes to create a Shadow Knight that is all about you. Customize each piece of gear so it becomes uniquely yours then fight enemies in intense combat with style like no other knight has shown before!