Shadow Fight Arena

Shadow Fight Arena was featured in November, 2020 of Fighting

Shadow fight arena is a relatively new game that involves players competing in a real-time PVP battle. The gamer must show exceptional battle techniques and heroes’ talents to dominate the fighting. Once you have created a dream team of 3 fighters, the fight with the opposing team begins until the winner is determined.


  • This game has really cool graphics. It has 3D graphics and realistic animations that make fighting look awesome.
  • You can control your hero like you would have in a fighting game on a console and get the same experience that you would usually get on a console.
  • Making a team of 3 heroes and fighting in online multiplayer mode. You win if you defeat all of the opponent’s heroes. You can also fight offline against advanced bots that learn with every battle.
  • There are many ways you can build your team. You can choose a bunch of different warriors and samurai and ninja. You collect them and upgrade them too. Each one has something special that you might like or want to use, like their abilities they have.
  • You can unlock cool ninja talents. You can also change them and try different ones to see which is more fun.
  • Fight Pass is reset for every new season monthly. A subscription gets you more stuff, like premium cosmetic items, and lets you collect bonus cards without ads. Furthermore, you get free chests and coins when you win.