Save the Sun

Save the Sun was featured in June, 2021 of Casual, Platformer

Save the Sun is a small game developed by BERO Games. Aliens have stole the Sun, and you have to get it back. You will need to jump and fly across 15 different levels, solving puzzles along the way. You can collect different skins at each level, but most importantly you will have fun!

In Save the Sun, aliens have taken the sun. You will get it back one piece at a time as you play the puzzles in this platformer.

This game takes place on a 2D plane, and divides into stages. The touch controls work well. When you get more levels, you can buy more skins for your character by earning currency. You can also pay $2.49 to unlock all the skins in the game at once.

For a game that started at a game-jam, it has many new and fun parts. It is easy to play, too.