Sad But Ded: 2D Puzzle Platformer

Sad But Ded was featured in March, 2021 of Platformer

Sad But Ded is an amazing game that makes controls a rare resource. You will find unique mechanics across 50 levels that will make your gaming experience incredibly entertaining. However, you will have three difficulty levels that will make you sweat. Additionally, you will be fortunate to have a screaming main hero as well as minimalistic pixel graphics.

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  • 50 levels with unique mechanics.
  • The gameplay requires limited number of player actions on level so player can immerse in the game world.
  • It has 3 difficulty levels: from easy (without death) to hardcore one.
  • Speedrun mode support: You can set high records and compete with friends.
  • There is no Ads and In-game purchases.
  • The minimalistic pixel graphic make a perfect suit for playing on phone.
  • Screaming main hero.