Rush Royale – Tips

Rush Royale was featured in December, 2020 of PvP, Tower Defense

Nothing can beat the classic tower defense, but Rush Royale has enhanced it with a competitive twist. Turret defense strategies meet collective card games and push the adventure to another level. You can compete against other players as well – PvP defense.

Rush Royale is developed by the makers of Evolution: Battle for Utopia and HAWK: Freedom Squadron. The game has many elements combined, including fantasy setting, strategy and deckbuilding. It’s a unique combination of a tower defense and a collective card game.

In the game, you need to defend a fortress from invading monsters using towers which are units in different jobs. There are 2 modes, PVP and Co-op. You either battle against another player or co-operate with him to fight the vicious monsters.

Rush Royale allows you to build towers to help in the fight which are fantasy heroes such as mages, archers, warriors, and more. A mage can deal with elemental damage, a priestess can help out fallen allies, a sniper can deal critical damage…


  • Leveling your cards – Higher level hero does higher critical damage. It is a nice extra damage to help kill opponents faster.
  • PvP vs Co-op – The two modes play differently so you need different setup for each mode. While PvP loadouts tend to clear hordes of monsters within a record time, Co-op loadouts is about balance.
  • Understand a boss to plan respective strategy – A boss is randomly spawn after the first two minutes of a match. Every boss has a unique ability that can make the flow of the battle against you. Warlock Boss randomly destroys one of your heroes. Bedlam Boss takes out a unit on your board and switches it with another card in your deck. Tribunal Boss downgrades some of your cards randomly. Tamer Boss takes all of your health out and cause you to lose instantly if it reaches the end of the board.