RPG Infinite Links

RPG Infinite Links was featured in October, 2021 of J-RPG, Turn-Based RPG

Kemco is still producing generic RPG adaptations on Google Play after all these years, and RPG Infinite Links is the most recent release to get an English translation.

This is the premium version, although there is also a free one. Both have in-app purchases, although most of them are not required by Kemco games. In the midst of a worldwide catastrophe, you must use your wits and weapons to save your friends and the planet from an elusive foe. This is a turn-based RPG, and it will be your responsibility to stop a growing conspiracy as well as rescue your pals.

Even with some that can grant any wish, talismans are magical items that contain a significant amount of power. Serene, a girl who believes she is the reincarnation of Kronos, and Kronos, a boy training to be a wizard, are entwined in an Talisman mystery. Will they be able to save themselves and the world from an apocalyptic menace?

  • To turn the match in your favor, acquire talismans that provide skills and deadly moves to use in turn-based fights.
  • Weapons, Armor, and Talismans can all be enhanced by forging and upgrading them with materials.
  • There are also tactical components, such as battle formations and traps, as well as a wealth of missions, arena triumphs, and monster trophies to complete!