RPG Chroma Quaternion – Premium

RPG Chroma Quaternion – Premium was featured in December, 2020 of JRPG, Turn-Based RPG

RPG Chroma Quaternion is a world of four kingdoms, but the ruling rights don’t come automatically. Quadeities grant them. There are mysterious occurrences in the realms which someone has to unravel, somehow. The quest to solve the mysteries comes with top-notch battle skills and maneuverability. The app is compatible with most devices and comes in either Japanese, English, or both.

Chroma Quaternion is another classic J-RPG made by Kemco. The game is definitely an upgrade of other previous games. The game starts with a young man, Ark, returning to the town after teaching children about what they want to become in the future. A massive earthquake strikes the village and makes everyone panic. On the journey to find out the source of the quakes, Princess Eara meets Ark meet at an inn by chance. This encounter marks the journey to save the world.

In the world of Chroma Quaternion, individuals are given certain roles by the Quadeities. Each character can have up to 3 different roles which leads to having various usable skills in battles.

On the journey to find the source of the earthquake, your party will encounter lots of monsters. Each battle is a traditional turn-based with some additional mechanics like Act Over.