Roterra Extreme – Great Escape

Roterra Extreme - Great Escape was featured in July, 2021 of Puzzle

Roterra Extreme is an interesting game where you’ll shift tiles in each puzzle to make it to your goal. Basically, there’s a path you need to follow but once you hit a dead end, the only way out is by flipping surrounding tiles and creating connections on the map so that they lead back onto your desired route.

Puzzles are often done in fits and starts, but a little trial-and-error makes for the best games. With 35 levels that take eight hours to complete and no ads or timers, this is one game you can really relax with as you solve puzzles while feeling accomplished every time your solution works correctly!

The fallen king of the world who has been chased by Queen’s army is defeated and lost. But he isn’t a hero, only trying to survive with friends in unexpected places! He might be just a villain though all depends on perspective – right?

In this sequel to Roterra: Flip the Fairytale™, you’ll find yourself tapping and swiping through a series of difficult puzzles. The game offers no hints or directions so be prepared for an intense challenge!

The game is a challenging puzzle game with over 10 levels. It takes place in the desert and has no ads, timers or internet needed to play. The puzzles are like a story because you have to change your perspective to find the path. The app needs 4GB of ram on your device so that it can run smoothly and is only for people who are 12+.